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Trumpxecutive Orders and Calexit

What they mean for us.

Intro and Apology: Hey Cascadians. First I would like to apologize for promising to post weekly and then not posting weekly, it has been a really busy couple weeks for me, hopefully I will now be able to begin to actually post weekly. Regardless, here is the Cascading News on Trump and Cal-exit

Trumpxecutive Order, Sanctuary Cities: On Wednesday Donald Trump signed an executive order with the intent on stemming the flow of illegal immigrants and purging them from "sanctuary cities". Part of the strategies employed by the commander and chief is to defund sanctuary cities and counties by making it so they are "ineligible for federal grants" so that he can starve them for money and then they are forced to shut down and comply with the Executive Order. Cities that are considered sanctuaries include Seattle, Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Eugene, Springfield, Grants Pass, Medford, San Francisco, and San Jose. Oregon and California are both even considered sanctuary states.

By signing these orders Trump will be cutting funding in these cities that would go to homeless shelters, hospitals, schools, colleges, and other federally funded programs that the people use to survive. If a city were to lose fundings then likely they would reallocate funds to the more important services provided to the people but there would still be a loss to something and it would severely disadvantage the people who live in and around these cities. Disregarding the potential unconstitutionality of the order, the people shouldn't have to be in the position that this order puts them in. We at the Cascading Independence Party and CascadiaNow support all of our people regardless of their affiliation with us and as such, for as long as the cities have their funding cut due to defiance, we propose stepping up and opening and running soup kitchens, assisting in funding park upkeep jobs as there has been a hiring freeze and we should help people find jobs and protect our environment, and help by building other projects for people to partake in and have them openly put on by the CIP and CascadiaNow so as to help our people and bring massive attention to our movement; allow us to be the ones to save the people when they have been shunned and scorned by their government. I would like to clarify that this is just ideas that some of us have brain stormed but very much would like your input on these ideas and to hear yours if you have some. The potential silver lining to this is it may(and does) put pressure on our local governments to keep our money within our states and to more objectionably react to the Trump administration and thus using this as a springboard to independence. This order may leave people disgruntled and put out by the government as they are poorer and we must be there to help other Cascadians in their time of need.

Trumpxecutive Order, Resources: Not only has Trump attacked the Pacific Northwest with a loss in funding but also threatening to rob our resources. Trump has recently made statements about reviving the coal and charcoal industries as well as the natural gas and oil industries especially in relation to fracking and other shale oil techniques. In doing this he has allowed us as a people to help our economy grow at the cost of our clean air and trees. In recent movements he has frozen national park hiring and forced all environment and climate change information purged from the White House website and national park services. This all adds up to a damaged ecosystem in the Cascadian region as deregulations on infrastructure and industry would allow logging to commence at a break neck pace, charcoal to be produced much faster and burned faster, and the destabilization of regions containing oil due to fracking. These moves have a positive impact on us as an economical entity but could damage our ecosystem and have us breathing like we're in Los Angeles. More importantly is that we don't need this, the economical boost is strictly for struggling eastern states that have been damaged by the decline of the steel industry and other economical facets that have collapsed. It has been speculated that Cascadia, and by extension the current Pacific Northwest including British Colombia, would have the nineteenth largest economy and it is recorded that it's current GDP is estimated at $825 billion. Industries ranging far above that of merely logging, milling, charcoal production, and fishing but instead also including higher technologies, green energy, real estate, farming, and aerospace/defense engineering. Essentially this order is designed to begin to drain the Northwest so as to feed the eastern states which no longer relate to us.

Calexit, How Can We Help Each Other:​ Calexit is the movement in California that is essentially asking for an exit from the union much like Cascadia. Calexit, however, is catching on like wild fire and moving faster than we are by leaps and strides. The movement has mostly been a reactionary one that is drawing away from Donald Trump. This urgency has caused them to progress at an absurd rate. So much so that they have made an active act of defiance by setting up an independent Californian embassy in Russia in only a few months. The embassy opened back in December and has continued to steam on today. Furthermore the Governor of California has made massive scathing rants about Donald Trump and many californian legislators have threatened to "find ways to suspend payment to Washington [DC]". The Calexit movement is made of fiery and impassioned and active members who are openly working to leave. This approval and action works in an almost contrast to our own, we continue to move methodically and with deliberate moves. However, we find ourselves open to a fantastic move that may spark the same fire as what we see in the californian movement. Washington has a much easier governor as he currently finds himself heated and adamant against the Trump administration. Inslee having been reported saying that Trump's team "couldn't run a two-car funeral" and claiming "It is a train wreck. It can’t stand. We’re drawing the line here at Sea-Tac.” Brown has gone on to stop just short of open defiance of Trump in her own speech for the state of Oregon. By stepping up now and acting while our governors are as passionate as we are and as the Californian governor's are, we allow ourselves to find the biggest and deepest backing push that we need to allow the same zeal and approval and attention that the Calexit movement has spurred. Using their same tactics and moves and potentially forming a West Coast Secession union between our two parties may allow us to more effectively and efficiently free us from the United States and lift some of the burden that each of us singularly face alone. Their speed, which does outpace us, has them already beginning to collect signatures to put the notion on the November 2018 ballot. We are currently aimed to shoot ahead if we take all the chances we are given and open up our first convention to cement us. With determination, openness, and a sense of pride for our people we have the opportunity to put this idea into motion and free ourselves from the union.

In Closing:We apologize that our convention was not held but we were unable to find a good venue to hold us, spread the word and convince friends and families to come as we have it set for a later date and a better place that we are still determining. In this post I talk about the Trump Administration in a seemingly poor light and we would like to say that our feelings on the matter vary but the decisions that the commander and chief has made are potentially detrimental to our people and lands and that this reality can be used as a springboard to convince more governmental officials to support and ally themselves with us as they have been heavily effected. As mentioned in the post, the ideas present are just that and we would like your input and understanding that we are still in our earlier formation stages and may find these things unachievable by ourselves as of right now but with the help and support of our followers and governors we may find ourselves with the ability to act on these ideas in a very short time.

Please share with your friends and families.

Thank you.

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