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Progress Check On Independence

Governor Actions and Our Amazing Communities

Intro​: Hey Cascadians, it's been an interesting week. Since the last post there has been a surge of support for independence from our governors and within our own party. Thank you for the success of last week's blog post and pleaser continue to share and spread the word. Feel free to request to join the CIP Facebook group, which just recently reached 1,600, so you can have your voice heard or leave a comment down below!

Governors Kate Brown and Jay Inslee (left to right)

Governors:​ So it has been mentioned in the past, even if briefly, that the current west coast governors are less than thrilled with our president and have continued to speak out against him and this willingness has started some movement in a positive direction. Recently Kate Brown took a harder stance than she had against the president's executive order and actively spoke in favor of supporting a young Iranian girl who required the medical attention of the Oregon Health &Science University's Doernbecher Children's Hospital. Once there she would receive phenomenal health assistance from an outstanding group to help her as she suffered from what appears to be ASD (Atrial Septal Defect) and VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) which are both, simply put, holes in the heart. ASD is a hole in the wall which separates the upper two valves of the heart which allowed oxygen rich blood to flow out of the chamber that pumps it and into the chamber which pumps in oxygen poor blood. VSD is similar as it is a hole in the lower two chambers that causes oxygen rich blood to be pumped away from the heart and back to the lungs instead of into the rest of the body. These separately are not unbelievably complicated, especially VSD, but in conjunction they can be brutal on the body of a child, especially a baby. Fatemeh, the child, had been expected in OHSU on Sunday of last week but was caught by the travel ban as she was flying in from Tehran, Iran. Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, and Syria are the countries that had been barred and as such Fatemeh had fallen under the list of citizens who were not allowed entry. Fatemeh had been expected on Sunday of last week but was delayed until today/Saturday depending on when you read this. After hearing about this, Governor Brown of Oregon had this to say, "I find it deplorable that an infant, who was supposed to come to Oregon to receive much needed lifesaving care, was not able to access that care at Oregon Health Sciences University," Luckily, with the help of an immigration attorney, she was granted entrance an is currently undergoing surgery. Since Sunday Trump's Travel ban has been lifted by a court ruling. Governor Inslee has weighed in since the travel bans' lifting saying "This is a tremendous victory for the State of Washington. Thank you to AG Ferguson and his team for making the case that no person – not even the president – is above the law.

There is still more to do. The fight isn’t yet won. But we should feel heartened by today’s victory and more resolute than ever that we are fighting on the right side of history.”

This is in line with his earlier rhetoric which has him speaking about his unhappiness with our current president and shows his feelings. This statement, and others like it, show that he has begun to see himself and those who support him as independent governing bodies that are in mild opposition to those back east. This mindset allows us to show him that he is more than supported and that this support spreads beyond Seattle. More than anything this quote is heartening to read. Brown has made other moves that have earned the respect of the people as she has made another open refusal, saying that she won't be participating in the Muslim registry and ordered the Oregon Attorney General to take legal actions against the travel ban in assistance to the actions Inslee had set in motion as well, she has shown herself to be taking a firmer stance in opposition to Donald Trump and has seen herself as an ally to Governor Inslee. Californians have already moved in vast leaps and strides with their movement and are already collecting signatures to put the question on the 2018 ballot. Even though still battling cancer, Governor Jerry Brown still fiercely opposes Trump, saying "This morning, it’s hard for me to keep my thoughts just on California,” Brown said. “We’ve seen the bald assertion of ‘alternative facts,’ whatever those are. We’ve heard the blatant attacks on science. Familiar signposts of our democracy — truth, civility, working together — have been obscured or even swept aside. This is a time which calls for courage and for perseverance, and I promise you both." In contrast Lieutenant Governor of BC Judith Guichon has shown no discontentment in the slightest with the Canadian government or the American government even though protests are growing across Canada in response to a surge of racism and islamophobia much like in the United States. She has also yet to release any feelings towards Trudeau's complete flip from his promised standards upon election in order to better conform to the American President's ideals. The times are about ripe to begin to speak with our governors about the Cascadian Independence Party as our support has been bolstered and they appear to feel similarly to how we do. Now is when we should organize.

Our Community:​ Though the earlier section has been a little serious I think a little juxtaposition is a pleasure after a long week. Recently our group support has moved all the way up to 1,600 members and there are always more. Hopefully we can boost that support by sharing and spreading our message everywhere. Thank you guys a million for the support, last week's post broke the record for views! It's moments like these where I feel proud to live in a wonderful environment with beautiful lands and wonderful people.

Oregon Public House is a pub that donates 100% of its net profit to charities that help the people of Portland, Oregon. These donations go to charities dedicated to alleviating the monetary strain on cancer patients, kid mentoring, and helping the environment. The company has a rotating charity list which switches every six months and includes up to six organizations at a time. It was founded by a man named Ryan Saari who has gone out of his way to help the people in his community. In the same vain, The 63rd annual Marietta Kiwanis Club Pancake Day was held for the community which opened up an all you can eat buffet where all the proceeds from the day are donated to local projects so as to bolster the community with pancakes. last year they raised around $25,000 and hope to double that this year. It's not all doom and gloom when it comes to stuff like this, sometimes we need to take a step back and see the world around us.

Thank You:​ Thank you for the resounding support and feel free to subscribe for notifications when we post on the blog as well as share with your friends and family. Remember to be an ambassador to the people who may feel the way we do but don't know that there is a massive group that is here to support them and feels the same way. Please write to your governors and state legislators and state senators or parliament members who may feel the way we do. Furthermore, to any Cascadians in BC, please spread the word. Oregon and Washington have a decent grip but in British Colombia there is a lack. Thank you. Sorry this post is a little late, it took some unexpected time to compile this information.


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