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Influx of support and what it means for the party and the independence movement.

Influx Of Support

With the recent United States presidential election, many people are protesting in cities across the US. One of those cities is Portland, Oregon. Since the announcement ​of a Trump win we have seen a huge influx of support. The support is not just seen for the Party but we have seen support for the movement in general across the internet in places like reddit and facebook. So, what does this mean for the Party? Well, it is a good and a bad thing. Many people are showing support and their anger towards the government, but many of those people will slowly slink back to the shadows and/or move on to other movements. Many of the people that have joined are doing so in reaction to a Trump win and not because they are dissatisfied with the government as a whole. Many of these people will be far left liberals but that is OK, this Party is about going beyond the left/right paradigm and uniting under the common goal of Cascadia Independence. We need to find ways to keep people interested and for a good reason, not just out of reaction. What is it that we can do in order to do such a thing? How can we stand united and stand strong like the douglas fir?

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